Why the Taiwanese Oolong is so delicious?

Taiwan is famous for its Oolong teas. The geolocation, climate, and environmental conditions make Taiwan very suitable for the growth of tea trees. Let’s talk about a couple of critical points based on our research findings.

Largest density of high mountains

Taiwan High Mountain Oolong is well-known in the world. People like to drink tea due to its sweet and strong flavor without any bitter taste. The huge difference in temperature between day and night can help the tea plants cultivate more healthy substances, such as vitamins, from photosynthesis. That also helps the tea leaves have a stronger fragrance and eliminate astringent flavor. One of the main Taiwan tea production regions is the high mountain tea region and that describes Taiwan as the largest number and density of high mountains in the world. This fact also brought another climate and environmental benefits - foggy and rich soil.

Foggy and rich soil

Most high mountain tea is also cultivated in a foggy environment, so it benefits from appropriate conditions of light, moisture, heat, and soil. When the intensity of light decreases a little, nitrogen compounds in small leaves increase and carbon compounds (such as tea polyphenols, reduced sugar) decrease. These changes enhance the taste of freshness and briskness of tea leaves.

Besides that, Oriental Beauty (see our product here) is another special example that doesn’t need steep mountain terrain to grow but requires a foggy environment. The tea plant is only suitable for red loam soil, and that’s why the production area is mainly in north-western Taiwan.  

Have you noticed that most of our teas are from Nantou, Taiwan?

Nantou County is located in the center of Taiwan. Around 83% of its area is covered by hills and mountains and that’s why it’s the heart of the most famous and high-quality oolong teas grown region. We work with tea gardens and bring the best quality to you.

Why the Taiwanese Oolong is so delicious?