Orchid Oolong

by Teappo


Tasting notes: buttery, fruity, woody, with varying flavors throughout multiple brews.

Orchid Oolong, also known as "Dong Ding Oolong (凍頂烏龍)" or "Frozen Peak Oolong", is one of the most highly appreciated oolong teas worldwide. Our orchid oolong is produced in the high mountain regions, altitude 500~800 meters, in Luku of Nantou country. The real "frozen peak". Made with a unique ball-rolling process, the tight, semi-ball tea leaves are best enjoyed over many infusions.

Available in one size:
Regular 2.5 oz. (72g) - approximately 24 servings

Medium Oolong / Single Origin
Origin: Nantou, Taiwan


Brewing tea is an art. Use the guide as a starting point to find your own perfect way of enjoying tea.

Brew guidance


Keep teas in our resealable bags or other airtight containers. Store in a cold and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and heat.

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